Student Activities

Student activities both the faculty level and university level play a major role in student life at the University. Most student activities are organized through student societies. Some of these activities include seminars, workshops, fieldwork and exhibitions, held throughout the year. Some societies expect their members to pay a nominal membership fee either annually or monthly. Cultural, Drama, Music and Recreational Societies

  • Arts Council
  • Tamil Sangeetha Natya Sangam
  • Tamil Society
  • Soba Sansadaya
  • English Drama Society
  • Film Society
  • Gandarwa Sabhawa
  • Sinhala Natya Mandalaya
  • Sinhala Sangamaya

The university comprises a multi-religious population of Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Hindu and Islamic people. A Buddhist Temple, a Roman Catholic Church, a Christian Church, a Hindu Kovil and a Mosque are located within the university campus to ensure freedom and facilities to practice any religious faith within the university. There are five registered religious societies in the university which organize religious activities. These societies are as follows:

  • Buddhist Brotherhood
  • Students Meditation Society (Sinhala Bhavana Samajaya)
  • Newman Society (For Roman Catholics)
  • Student Christian Movement
  • University Muslim Majlis
  • Hindu Society

Other Societies

  • Computer Society
  • Explorers� Club
  • Hanthana Conservation Society
  • Sports Council
  • Wildlife Society
  • Veterinary Anatomical Society