Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

Fee structure for the services provided by the Division of Microbiology of the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

No        Diagnostic service Fee (Rs.)
1 Isolation and identification of bacteria up to genus level (per isolate) 200.00
2 Isolation and identification of bacteria up to species level using biochemical tests 300.00
3 Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (per isolate) 300.00
4 Fungal culture and identification (per sample) 500.00
5 Isolation and identification of Mycobacteria by biochemical tests (per sample)
Species identification of Mycobacteria (M. bovis, M. tuberculosis) by PCR (per sample)
6 PCR diagnosis of bacterial, viral or fungal diseases
From isolated bacteria
From tissues or other samples

7 Isolation of Salmonella from water samples (per sample) 700.00
8 Identification of unknown bacteria by 16S rRNA sequencing
(Time to issue the results will vary according to the time taken by the third-party sequencing service provider)
9 Detection of Mycobacterium spp. in internal organs and faecal samples of fish (Acid fast stain) 250.00
10 Enumeration of viable bacterial count in urine samples (per sample) 300.00
11 Gram staining (per slide) 100.00