Students Discipline

Students Discipline

THE UNIVERSITIES ACT NO.16 OF 1978 By – laws made by the Council of the University of Peradeniya under section 29(n) read with Section 135(1) (d) of the Universities Act N.16 of 1978

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Students’ Rights

A Student

  • shall have the equal rights to participate in lecturers, practical, training, clinical rosters and any academic related activities of the faculty.
  • shall have the rights of freedom of speech and free expression of ideas.
  • shall have the right to participate in all activities of the university, free from any form of discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, disability or age.
  • shall have the rights to do all that they can to ensure effective, safe and orderly functioning of the faculty and the university
  • has the right to personal privacy.
  • subject to disciplinary action arising from violations of university rules and regulations shall be assured a fundamentally fair process.
  • Students’ Responsibilities

    A student has the responsibility

    • to respect the rights and property of other students, staff and university officials.
    • not to compromise the health, safety, welfare or privacy of other students and staff.
    • to maintain a level of behaviour which is consistent in supporting the learning environment of the faculty.
    • to use any material, equipment or property which are used for learning purposes in the faculty in a responsible and careful manner.
    • to follow the health and safety procedures of the laboratories, clinics and farms.
    • to be fully acquainted with the published university rules and regulations and to comply with them.
    • to abstain from bulling, harassment and any other unlawful behaviour whilst in the university, studying in the online environment or whilst representing the faculty externally.
    • to abstain from plagiarism, collusion or cheating.
    • to recognize that student actions, reflect upon the individuals involved and upon the entire university community.