Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science

University of Peradeniya

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science is the only Higher Educational Institution in Sri Lanka which trains Veterinary Surgeons. The degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) is awarded after four year period of study. The rigorous training program imparts knowledge of all aspects of animal health and production and includes the study of Pet Animals, Livestock, Wildlife and Aquatic species. At the present time approximately hundred Students enroll in the program each year. The degree is recognized by the Veterinary Council for Sri Lanka for Registration to practice as a Veterinary Surgeon.



Welcome ceremony-New Entrants

Welcome ceremony for the 16/17 Batch of 80 New Entrants to the Faculty of Vet. Medicine & Animal Science was held on 19th December, 2017 at the Faculty of Vet.Medicine & Animal Science with the participation of the Vice-Chancellor, Deans of Faculties,Academic and non academic staff of the faculty,students and their parents.

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White Coat Ceremony

Veterineray White Coat Ceremony was held on 19th October 2017 at the Auditorium in the Department of Farm Animal Production & Health,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science.

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Awareness Programme

An awareness programme on quality assurance activities and progamme review was conducted for the academic staff of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science by the quality assurance cell of faculty on 11th September 2017.

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Exam results

Results are released of the Final Examination for the Veterinary Degree(Repeat)November 2017 - Batch 2011/12 Click here to view Exam results.

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Exam Notice- second BVSc

Applications are called for the second BVSc Semester 4 examination March-April, Batch 2014/15.click here for more information

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Interest free Loan to purchase Laptop

To All Students - Proposed interest free Loan facility for University Undergraduates to purchase Laptopsclick here for more information
click here for more information

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The Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences has organized a Seminar on "Veterinary Oncology-Diagnosis, Clinical pathology, Histology, Treatments/Management/ radiation therapy" on Friday 10th November 2017 at9.00 am – 2.30 pm The venue will be the Auditorium of the Farm Animal Production and Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.The Seminar will be conducted by Dr. Pradip Chaudhri( MVSc, D.M.R.I.T, PhD ) . All are Welcome.

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Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Guest Lecture Series

The ninth lecture of the Vice Chancellor’s distinguished lecture series organized by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the University of Peradeniya will be held on 26th October 2017 from 3 pm to 4.10pm, at the Senate Room,University of Peradeniya.

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Conference and Workshop

Conference & workshop on" Identification & Documentation of Veterinary Extension needs for Dairy sector in Sri Lanka", will be held on 15th -16th August at the Oak-Ray Regency Kandy.

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