English language requirements for admission?

The medium of instructions for all the degree programmes at FVMAS is English. Therefore, fluency in English is important. Refer to the UGC Handbook for latest information on minimum eligibility requirements for admission into Bachelor of Veterinary Science program.

Facilities available for English language improvement?

New entrants are required to follow an intensive English course for approximately 6 weeks before the commencement of academic programme. The faculty also has an English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) which will facilitate English language improvement in students throughout the study program. In addition, the lecturers and instructors are always available for students who need additional attention in improving their English language skills.

Residence facilities

The university provides residential facilities for the new entrants at the commencement of the English course on the basis of the distance to the university. Students who are residing 50 Km away from the university will receive hostel facility during their first academic year. Residential facilities may not be provided for second year students due to increased student intake. However, university provides residential facilities for third year undergraduates on the basis of distance and all final year students irrespective of the distance. For further information refer the following website

Registration for academic year/semester

Registration is valid for one semester and shall be renewed subject to the provisions of rules and regulations of the university. All eligible students are required to register for a given semester within the first two weeks of each semester. A payment of five hundred rupees (Rs 500/=) per each semester is required and the payment slip should be handed over to the office of the Dean at the time of registration.

Veterinary e-Learning System (VeLS)

Veterinary e-Learning System (VeLS) is the learning management system (LMS) of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. The aim of this platform is to provide E-learning resources to students to enhance teaching and learning process.

Medical certificates

In case of an illness or injury, the student or his/her parents/guardian should inform the Dean of the faculty and send the medical certificate supporting the illness within 7 days. The student should make a written request to the Dean or the Assistant Registrar of the faculty within four weeks of such notice informing the nature of illness and the name of the attending doctor. Medical certificates should be obtained from the following persons: University medical officer (UMO), DMO, Consultant in the particular field, head of a Base Hospital, Registered medical practitioner, MS of a provincial ayurvedic hospital or an Ayurvedic physician registered with the Ayurvedic Medical Council. The UMO shall certify the acceptance of the medical certificate.

Deferments and leave of absence

A student who is unable to attend the academic programme due to a medical or any other acceptable reason may apply for a deferment or leave of absence. However, the university may not grant permission if the reasons given are not acceptable. "Deferments" can be obtained only when a student is registered for a degree programme and has not taken any examinations.

However, after sitting for an examination the student may request for "leave of absence".

Obtaining the transcript/detailed results sheet after completing the degree

Application for academic transcript can be downloaded from the faculty website Each application must be accompanied by a postal order or a money order in favour of the Registrar, University of Peradeniya or a University receipt for the prescribed fees. To issue transcripts results should be approved and confirmed by the Senate and the clearance process should have been completed.

Difference between effective date and convocation date

Effective date is the date you completed all requirements to get the degree. Convocation date is the date you receive the degree certificate ceremonially. Effective date is important for applying jobs, scholarships etc.

Policy against discrimination

The University of Peradeniya has a policy and by-laws on sexual and gender-based violence, you can refer to this policy at following link.

Student counselors

Undergraduates of FVMAS can meet a student counsellor at any time if she/he is physically available in the faculty. You can also contact them via mobile or email 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Contact details of student counsellors are available on the faculty website

last update on 10-08-2022