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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science is the only Higher Educational Institution in Sri Lanka which trains Veterinary Surgeons. The degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) is awarded after five year period of study. The rigorous training program imparts knowledge of all aspects of animal health and production and includes the study of Pet Animals, Livestock, Wildlife and Aquatic species. At the present time approximately hundred Students enroll in the program each year. The degree is recognized by the Veterinary Council for Sri Lanka for Registration to practice as a Veterinary Surgeon.


To be a National Centre of Learning and Research in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production and to produce graduates of high standard who could confidently manage the health-care and production of farm, companion, captive, wild, aquatic and other animal species which are useful to mankind and to bring solace, happiness and profitable income to their owners.


To impart a sound knowledge of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production techniques to students in order to produce competent veterinarians and scientists of high calibre, who would always strive to increase the productivity of livestock and improve the quality of life and welfare of farm, companion, aquatic, captive, wild and other animals by providing relief from suffering through healing and prevention of diseases. The mission also includes provision of i) training required to protect the community from zoonotic diseases, ii) facilities for continuous improvement of professional skills and knowledge, iii) research studies leading to higher degrees and iv) participation in policy formulation and implementation of activities on animal production, health and welfare at regional and national levels in order to secure a high standard of living for the community.