Department of Farm Animal Production & Health

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science

Animal Production Laboratory

In this laboratory we carry out undergraduate and postgraduate training in veterinary applications of animal productions. These include disciplines in small and large ruminant production, swine husbandry and poultry production.

Poultry Disease Diagnostic Facility

The services of this facility are disease diagnosis, poultry disease investigation, performing necropsies, giving recommendations/ advice to poultry farmers and undergraduate and postgraduate training.

Animal Embryo Biotechnology and Reproduction Laboratory

This facility deals with production of embryos of cattle and goats, frozen and fresh embryo transfer, embryo splitting, embryo freezing, artificial insemination, sexed semen applications, genome conservation of farm and wild animals, cell culture and chromosomal work, Undergraduate and postgraduate training and research in these disciplines.

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Functions of this laboratory are PCR based genomic studies, DNA isolation and storage, DNA and RNA related work, undergraduate and postgraduate training and research in these disciplines.

Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory

This laboratory carries out clinical haematology, clinical biochemistry and clinical parasitological diagnostics tests.