Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science

Services provided for elephants by the DVCS

  • Providing tranquilization service for any emergency and as a preventive measure for any religious, cultural, state function or festival.
  • Providing health care for privately owned captives in temples, parks, and welfare organizations.
  • Providing advice on request to the Department of National Zoological Gardens, Department of Wildlife Conservation and safaris.
  • Assisting the development of special management projects for government and private institutes with elephants.
  • Providing advice on request to the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation.
  • Carrying out research on elephants and supervising undergraduates and postgraduates on various research projects on captive and wild elephants.
  • Assisting local and international agencies on designing guidelines on providing management and health care for elephants.
  • Educating various groups of children and the public.
  • Educating various categories of zoo and wildlife workers about elephants.