Specimen Submission Guidelines

    If you are concerned that an animal in your area may have rabies, contact your local veterinary authority immediately.
    The specimens from the animals suspected of having rabies (target animals for rabies surveillance) can be submitted to the RDU for diagnosis and confirmation of the disease.
    The following information may be useful in selecting the target animals for rabies surveillance.

    1.  Animals exhibiting signs consistent with rabies, found dead, as road kills or euthanised
    2.  Signs consistent with rabies include

    Specimens for rabies diagnosis

    The following specimens from target animals can be submitted to the RDU for diagnosis of rabies.

    * Opening the skull is hazardous when practiced outside a laboratory

    Important points to remember in the collection, preservation and dispatch of specimens

    All specimens should be addressed to:

        Rabies Diagnostic Unit (RDU)
        Division of Veterinary Pathology
        Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
        Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
        University of Peradeniya

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