Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

Dr. G. S. Panduka De S. Gunawardena


Dr. G. S. Panduka De S. Gunawardena

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology

Office Address :

Department of Veterinary Pathobiology,

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science,

University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya 20400, Sri Lanka

Email :
Phone :  +94 81 239 5723(office)
Education :
  • BVSc (Peradeniya)
  • PhD (Peradeniya)
Research Interests:
  • Pathogenesis of neurological diseases in animals with special reference to cerebrospinal nematodiasis
  • Aetio-patholgy of aquatic animal diseases with special reference to diseases in freshwater fish
  • Pathogenesis of toxicoses caused by plant toxins and snake poisons in animals
  • Development and application of tools and techniques to diagnose rabies
  • Immunohistochemistry and molecular epidemiology of rabies
  • General interest on the clinical and pathological aspects of animal diseases in Sri LankaVeterinary Neuropathology