MVSc in Veterinary Public Health

This programme is designed for veterinarians in the state or private sectors in order to address public health and food safety issues relating to food of animal origin. Further, it will be valuable for veterinarians who are responsible for regulatory and quarantine work, engaged in controlling zoonotic diseases or employed in processing plants, and also for recent graduates who seek a career in public health and the food industry. This course will provide advanced training in controlling zoonotic diseases, implementing legislative enactments, food safety, dairy technology and poultry processing technology.

Course work (During Semester I & II)

Foundation courses
• Basic and Epidemiological Statistics
• Project Planning, Scientific Writing and Veterinary
• Legislation
• General Pathobiology
• Economics and Business Management

Compulsory courses
• Control of Zoonotic Diseases
• Legislative Enactments and Environmental Procedures

Optional courses (at least two courses, selected from the following)
• Food hygiene and Safety
• Milk Processing Technology
• Advanced Parasitology

Research work (During Semester II & IV)
Minimum of 12 months of research in the field of candidates' interest

COURSE COORDINATOR - Prof. Preeni Abenayake (BVSc, PhD)