MVSc in Poultry Health and Management

This programme is designed for veterinarians engaged in poultry health and management in public and private sectors and also for recent graduates who seek a career in the poultry industry. The course will provide in-depth training in poultry health and management including diagnosis and control of poultry diseases, breeding and nutrition management of breeder and commercial flocks, and hatchery management.

Course work (During Semester I & II)

Foundation courses
• Basic and Epidemiological Statistics
• Project Planning, Scientific Writing and Veterinary
• General Pathobiology
• Economics and Business Management

Compulsory courses
• Poultry Flock Health
• Advanced Hatchery Hygiene and Management

Optional courses (at least two courses, selected from the following)
• Poultry Pathology
• Poultry Processing Technology
• Caged and Aviary Bird Management and Health
• Advanced Poultry Medicine and Epidemiology

Research work (During Semester II & IV)
Minimum of 12 months of research in the field of candidates' interest

COURSE COORDINATOR -Prof. S. P. Gunarathne (BVSc, PhD)