MVSc in Diagnostic Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Pathobiology)

This programme is designed for veterinarians engaged in disease diagnosis and investigation work and for recent veterinary graduates planning to pursue a career in diagnostic veterinary medicine. The course will provide advanced training in diagnostic pathology, microbiology, parasitology & immunology and introduce the candidates to advanced diagnostic technologies. Candidates who wish to specialize in farm animal health, companion animal medicine, aquatic animal health or wildlife health can follow the coursework and select a research project involving the relevant sector.

Course work (During Semester I & II)

Foundation courses
• Basic and Epidemiological Statistics
• Project Planning, Scientific Writing and Veterinary Legislation
• General Pathobiology
• Economics and Business Management

Compulsory courses
• Diagnostic Veterinary Pathobiology I
• Diagnostic Veterinary Pathobiology II

Optional courses (at least two courses, selected from the following)
• Poultry Pathology
• Advanced Mammalian Pathology
• Advanced Parasitology
• Advanced Immunology
• Advanced Microbiology

Research work (During Semester II & IV)
Minimum of 12 months of research in the field of candidates' interest

COURSE COORDINATOR - Dr. G. S. Panduka De S. Gunawardena ( BVSc, PhD)