MVSc in Animal Reproduction (Theriogenology)

This programme is designed for veterinarians involved in farm animal reproduction. The course focuses on imparting the students with current knowledge in theoretical aspects and practical skills in the reproductive management of farm, pet and wild animals. During the course, the students will work extensively with senior clinicians in the university and experts in the field in order to acquire hands-on experience in handling reproductive problems in animals. Further, the students will be trained   to use modern reproductive biotechnologies in the improvement of productivity of farm animals.

Course work (During Semester I & II)

Foundation courses
• Basic and Epidemiological Statistics
• Project Planning, Scientific Writing and Veterinary
• General Pathobiology
• Economics and Business Management

Compulsory courses
• Theriogenology of Farm Animals
• Advanced Clinical Veterinary Reproduction

Optional courses (at least two courses, selected from the following)
• Reproduction of Companion Animals
• Reproduction of Wild and Zoo Animals

Research work (During Semester II & IV)
Minimum of 12 months of research in the field of candidates' interest

COURSE COORDINATOR -Dr. P. A. Basil D. Alexander (BVSc, MPhil, PhD)