• Enable students to acquire the necessary competence in English (both general and subject specific) necessary to follow the course in the English medium.
  • Equip students with all four language skills to participate in academic and extracurricular activities at faculty and university levels:
    i. Receptive skills:
    a) Listening – listening to lectures/recorded lectures and taking down notes while listening
    b) Reading – reading and understanding texts general/subject specific and gather information, skimming, scanning etc. distinguishing main/supporting ideas
    ii. Productive skills:
    a) Speaking – speaking with fellow students, answering questions in tests, spots, signature and viva
    b) Writing – writing answers at examinations, laboratory reports, project reports etc.
  • Enable students to gain higher competence in English, i.e. a working knowledge in English required of them in the ‘world of work’.
  • Prepare students for international examinations, e.g. International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS), Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • To achieve these objectives, ELTU teaches English for General, Subject-specific, Occupational and Academic Purposes [classified and abbreviated as EGP, ESP, EOP and EAP].


    In addition to face to face teaching and preparation of lesson material used in the English courses, ELTU:
    1. corrects undergraduate and postgraduate project reports, abstracts, personal statements.
    2. helps students make subject-specific presentations, corrects slides and provides feedback on language related problems in their presentations.
    3. conducts English classes for students with lower proficiency levels in English.
    4. organizes variety entertainment to enhance English language, interpersonal skills; to promote social harmony among diverse ethnic, religious communities; provide students with a forum to display their talents.
    5. enables students to organize such functions as Going Down: writing letters, proofreading souvenirs, helping them make speeches.

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