Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science

University of Peradeniya

General Information

The Department of Veterinary Science was established in Colombo at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ceylon in 1947. At the inception of this course the relevant departments of the Faculty of Medicine, namely Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Pathology co-operated in the teaching programmes. In 1954, this department was shifted to Peradeniya and incorporated into the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science of the University of Ceylon. However the preclinical courses continued to be taught in Colombo until 1966.
In 1973 the Department of Veterinary Science was upgraded to a School of Veterinary Science within a Faculty of Medical, Dental and Veterinary Sciences of the Peradeniya Campus of University of Sri Lanka. The School consisted of three departments viz. Departments of Veterinary Preclinical, Paraclinical and Clinical Studies. The Department of Animal Science had the unique status of serving the School of Veterinary Science as well as the Faculty of Agriculture.
In early 1980, the BVSc training programme received full faculty status with four departments viz. Departments of Veterinary Preclinical, Paraclinical, Clinical Studies and Animal Science and the Faculty was designated as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (FVMAS). This Faculty was officially opened on 27 March 1980 with Professor S.T. Fernando as its first Dean. As an interim measure, instead of forming the fourth department, the FVMAS continued to use the services of the Department of Animal Science of the Faculty of Agriculture to teach the course in animal production. In July 2000, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science was restructured with renaming of the departments and concurrent commencement of the fourth department. At present the FVMAS consists of 4 departments, namely the Departments of Basic Sciences, Veterinary Pathobiology, Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery and Farm Animal Health and Production.
In the early years of veterinary education in Sri Lanka, the curriculum of BVSc training programme was similar to that followed by the Royal Veterinary College in London with the course also emphasizing certain subject areas which were irrelevant to veterinary practice in this country. However, with the passage of time, the curriculum was modified largely on ad hoc basis, but a major revision was launched in 1991. The curriculum adapted in 1991 was revised again in July 2000 to make the BVSc course more relevant to meet the demands of the veterinary profession in the next decade or two. In the revised curriculum, the conventional subject matter in the BVSc training programme has been retained and made more relevant, greater integration of courses in animal health and production sciences have been emphasized, and new course materials have been introduced to broad base the training programme as applicable to the veterinary profession.

The administration constitutes the Dean, Assistant Registrar and Assistant Bursar. The office of the Dean is responsible for the following.

  • The general administration
  • Financial administration
  • Student registration and Student Services
  • Examination
Person Contact Number e Mail
Dean-Dr.DMS Munasinghe +94 81 2395700 deanvet@pdn.ac.lk
Assistat Registrar-Ms.Geethika Ranasinghe +94 81 2395707 ar@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Assistant Bursar-Ms. A.N. Wijenayake +94 81 2395716 ab@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Secretary to Dean - Ms. Surangi Jayasooriya +94 81 2395701 dsec@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Examination branch - Ms. Nimesha Jayasinghe +94 81 2395702 exam@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Students Affairs - Ms. Galapitage S +94 81 2395732 ss@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Transport Branch - Ms. K.K.S.Ruwanmali +94 81 2395720 trp@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Supply Division - Ms. R. G. L. N. Priyankumari +94 81 2395731 prc@vet.pdn.ac.lk
General Services - Mr. M. G. N. Abewickrama +94 81 2395703 gs@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Accounts Division +94 81 2395706 fin@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Audio Visual Unit - Mr. Shamil Ananda +94 81 2395877 audiovisual@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Computer Unit - Mr. B.A.G. Harischandra +94 81 2395880 cu@vet.pdn.ac.lk
Printing unit +94 81 2395706 -

The Faculty Board Consists of the following members.

  1. Dr.DMS Munasinghe - Dean
Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences
  1. Prof. W.M.A.P. Wanigasekera/ HoD/BVS
  2. Prof. H.B.S. Ariyaratne
  3. Dr. L.J.P.A.P. Jayasooriya
  4. Dr. N.K.Jayasekara
  5. Dr. W.M.A.P. Wanigasekera
  6. Dr. N.U.A. Jayasena
  7. Dr. L.G.S. Lokugalappatti
  8. Dr. Y.A.M.S. Wickramasinghe
  9. Dr. D.A. Satharasinghe
  10. Dr.R. M. S. Bimalka Kumari Ranasinghe
  11. Dr. A.M. Ushani Atapattu
  12. Dr. K. A. Sathya Nadeeshani
Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
  1. Dr. A.W. Kalupahana– Head/VPB
  2. Prof. R.P.V.J. Rajapakse
  3. Dr. A.Arulkanthan
  4. Dr. G.S.P. de S. Gunawardena
  5. Dr. H.R.N. Jinadasa
  6. Dr. S.S.S. de S. Jagoda
  7. Dr. R.R.M.K.K. Wijesundera
  8. Dr. N.M.T. Anupama
  9. Dr. D.P.H. Wjesekera
Department of Veterinary Public Health & Pharmacology
  1. Dr. B.R. Fernando– Head/VPHP
  2. Dr. M.H. Hathurusinghe
  3. Dr. R.S. Kalupahana
  4. Dr. K.S.A. Kottawatta
  5. Dr. H.M.T.K. Karunarathna
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
  1. Dr. E.R.K.V. Edirimanne– Head/VCS
  2. Dr. K.A.N. Wijayawardhane
  3. Prof.. A.Dangolla
  4. Dr. D.D.N. de Silva
  5. Dr. RAD Eranda Indrajith
  6. Dr. D.R.A. Dissanayake
  7. Dr. H.M.S. Wijekoon
  8. Dr. H.M.H.S. Ariyaratne
  9. Dr. M.G.C.M. Jayasinghe
Department of Farm Animal Production & Health
  1. Prof.P.G.A. Pushpakumara – Head/FAPH
  2. Prof.P.A.B.D. Alexnader
  3. Dr. E.M.N.M. Fouz
  4. Dr. R.A.C. Rabel
  5. Dr. G.D.R.K. Perera
  6. Dr. K. Nizanantha
Elected Members
  1. Additional Director General /Animal Health & Veterinary Research, DAPH
  2. Dr. R.M.P.H. Dassanayake (Air Commodore)
  3. Dr. M.D.N. Jayaweera-Registrar (Veterinary Drugs, DAPF)
  4. Student Representatives(President/VSU Secretary/VSU)
In attendance
  • Ms. Ms. K.S. Geethika Ranasinghe - Assistant Registrar/FVMAS
  • Dr. Madura S. Munasinghe,
    BVSc (Peradeniya),M.Agric (Miyazaki), PhD (Kagoshima)

    Dean of the Faculty
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy

    Senior Prof. H. B. S. Ariyaratne,
    BVSc (Peradeniya),MPhil (Peradeniya),PhD (Tennessee)

    Senior Professor and chair in Veterinary Physiology

    Dr.Niromi K. Jayasekera, BVSc (Peradeniya), MSc (Illinois), PhD (Illinois)
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy

    Prof.W.M.A.P. Wanigasekara, BSc Hons. (Chemistry), MPhil (Peradeniya), PhD (Kyoto)
    Professor in Veterinary Biochemistry
    Head-Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences

    Dr.L. J. P. Anura P. Jayasooriya, BVSc (Peradeniya), M.Agric (Miyazaki), PhD (RMIT Melbourne)
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Biochemistry

    Dr.L. G. Sampath Lokugalappatti, BVSc (Peradeniya), MSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Stellenbosch)
    Senior Lecturer
    slokug@pdn.ac.lk, slokug@vet.pdn.ac.lk

    Dr.Nilmini Jayasena, BVSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Florida)
    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.Dilan Satharasinghe, BVSc (Peradeniya),MVM (Massey),PhD (Putra)
    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.R. M. S. B. K. Ranasinghe , BVSc (Peradeniya),MSc (Peradeniya) PhD(Yamaguchi University, Japan)
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Basic Secinces

    Dr.A.M. Ushani Atapattu, BVSc (Peradeniya)
    Lecturer (Probationary)

    Dr.K.A.Sathya Nadeeshani, BVSc (Peradeniya), PhD candidate (University of melbourne)
    Lecturer (Probationary)

    Prof.G. S. Panduka De S. Gunawardena, BVSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Peradeniya))
    Professor in Veterinary Pathology

    Prof. R. P. V. J. Rajapakse, BVSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Peradeniya)
    Professor and chair in Veterinary Parasitology

    Dr.A. Arulkanthan, BVSc (Peradeniya), MSc (WSU)
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology

    A. W. Kalupahana, BVSc (Peradeniya),MSc(UK))PhD (UPEI, Canada)
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Virology
    Head-Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

    S.S.S de S. Jagoda, BVSc (Peradeniya),MVM (Massey), PhD (Tokyo)
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathobiology

    Dr.K.K.Wijesundara, BVSc (Peradeniya),PhD (Osaka Prefecture,Japan)
    Senior Lecturer in Pathology

    Dr.Rasika Jinadasa, BVSc (Peradeniya), MS (Nebraska), PhD (Cornell)
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Microbiology

    Dr.N.M.T. Anupama, BVSc (Peradeniya),PhD (Australia)
    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.D.P.Himali Wijesekera, BVSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Japan)
    Senior Lecturer
    himsiya84uni@gmail.com /himaliw@pdn.ac.lk

    Dr. Thushari A Gunawardana BVSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Canada)
    Senior Lecturer

    Dr. P.G.A.S. Palkumbura BVSc (Peradeniya), MPhil (Reading)
    Lecturer (Probationary)

    Prof.R. S. Kalupahana, BVSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Cantab)
    Professor in Veterinary Public Health,

    Dr.B. R. Fernanado, BVSc (Peradeniya),PhD)
    Senior Lecturer
    Head-Department of Veterinary Public Health and Pharmacology


    Dr.K. S. A. Kottawatta, BVSc (Peradeniya), MPhil (Peradeniya)PhD(USA)
    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.M. H. Hathurusinghe, BVSc (Peradeniya), MPhil (Peradeniya)PhD(USA)
    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.Thusitha Kumara Karunarathna BVSc(Peradeniya), MSc(Peradeniya), Mphil
    Lecturer (Probationary)

    E. R. K. V. Edirimanne, BVSc (Perad), MSc (Manitoba),
    Senior Lecturer
    Head of the Department

    Prof.Ashoka Dangolla,BVSc (Peradeniya), Dip Vet Epid (Helsinki), PhD (KVL, Denmark),

    Dr.Nayana Wijayawardhane, BVSc (Sri Lanka), PhD (Auburn),
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Studies
    nayanaw@pdn.ac.lk, nwijayawardhane@yahoo.com

    Dr.D. D. Niranjala de Silva,BVSc (Sri Lanka), PhD (Cantab)
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Surgery

    Dr.D. R. Anuruddhika Dissanayake, BVSc (Sri Lanka), PhD ,
    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine

    Dr.H. M. Suranji Wijekoon , BVSc., M.Phil., Ph.D., MSLCVS
    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.M.G.C.M Jayasinghe, BVSc (Sri Lanka),MSc (London), Dipl.(ACCM)
    Lecturer (Probationary )- on study leave

    Dr.H. M. H. S. Ariyarathna, BVSc (Peradeniya),MSc (Nebraska, Lincoln),

    Dr. Chandrindu Abeykoon,,BVSc,Diploma in Public Speaking
    Lecturer (Probationary)

    Prof.P. G. A. Pushpakumara, BVSc (Sri Lanka), PhD (London),
    Professor in Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics
    Head-Department of Farm Animal Production and Health
    pganil@pdn.ac.lk & apushpakumara@yahoo.co.uk

    Prof.P. A. Basil D. Alexander,) BVSc (Sri Lanka), MPhil (Peradeniya), PhD (Guelph)
    Professor in Veterinary Reproduction and Reproductive Biotechnology

    Dr.M. N. M. Fouzi, BVSc (Peradeniya), MSc (Kelaniya), PhD (Putra, Malaysia)
    Senior Lecturer in Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health

    R. A. Chanaka Rabel BVSc (Peradeniya; 2003); MS (Illinois; 2007); PhD (Illinois; 2012)
    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.G.D.R.K.Perera, BVSc (Peradeniya)MPhil(Peradeniya)Ph.D(Reading)
    Senior Lecturer
    gdrkperera@gmail.com / damperera@pdn.ac.lk

    Dr. K. Nizanantha, BVSc (Peradeniya)MPhil(Reading)
    Lecturer (Probationary)

    Ms. K.S.G. Ranasinghe
    Assistant Registrar

    Ms. A.N. Wijenayake
    Assistant Bursar

    Mr.Shamil Ananda
    Audio Visual Technical Officer

    Mr.B.A.G. Harischandra
    Technical Officer

    Ms. L.N.P.K. Nagahawatte,
    Senior Staff Management Assistant

    Mr. Nihal Abeywickrama
    Staff Management Assistant

    Ms. K.G. Herath Manike
    Management Assistant

    Ms. B.G.S.N. Galapitage
    Management Assistant

    Ms.H.M.G.K. Hearth
    Management Assistant

    Ms.W.D.S. Jayasooriya
    Management Assistant(Stenographer)

    Ms. K.P.N. Jayasinghe
    Management Assistant

    Ms. K.K.S.Ruwanmali
    Management Assistant

    Mr. A.M.A. Abekoon
    Works Aid

    Mr. R.S. Malaarchchi

    Mr.V.P.D. Gunawardena,

    Mr.R.M.S. Bandara

    Mr. L.L.C.P. Geethadewa

    Mr. I.P.G.H.U. Dissanayake
    Staff Technical Officer(Gr.II)

    Mr. B.G.S.J. Abeyrathna
    Technical Officer (Gr.I)

    Mr. D.C.A. Gunawardena
    Technical Officer (Gr.I)

    Ms.L.I. Siriwardana
    Technical Officer(Gr.II)

    Ms.V.D.N.M. Vithanage
    Trainee Technical Officer

    Ms.H.M.M.S.K. Hearath
    Management Assistant

    Mr. H.M.V.B. Hearath
    Lab Attendant Special Grade


    Ms. D.K.K.D. Kumarage
    Lab Attendant Lower Grade

    Mr.M.H.V. Pushpakumara
    Lab Attendant Lower Grade

    Mr.L.G.A.U. Senarathne
    Works Aid( Gra I)

    Mr.A.K Weerasinghe
    Works Aid( Gra II)

    Mr. A.R.C. Gunasena
    Techinical Officer Gr.I

    Mr.K.G.R. Abayawansha
    Techinical Officer Gr.I

    Mr. K.D.A.D. Abesooriya
    Technical Officer

    Ms. F.S. Nizam
    Management Assistant

    Mr. H.M.S.C. Bandara
    Laboratory Attendant

    Mr. M.A.N. Perera
    Works Aid

    Mr. R.D.C.K. Kirimatiwatta
    Works Aid

    Dean’s Office
    1. Mr. Shamil Anuraj Ananda
    2. Mr. B.A.G. Harischandra
    3. Ms. R.G.L.N.P. Nagahawatte
    4. Mr. M.G.N.Abeywickrama
    5. Ms. B.A.G.G.S.N. Galapitage
    6. Ms. N.Jayasinghe
    7. Ms. S.Jayasooriya
    8. Ms. K.K.S.Ruwanmali
    9. Mr. D.G.P.H. Jayasinghe
    10. Ms. H.M.G.K. Herath
    11. Mr. Y.M.K.G.Senevirathne
    12. Mr. A.M.A. Abeykoon
    13. Mr. K Ranjamany
    Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences
    1. Mr. I.P.G.H.U.Dissanayake
    2. Mr. D.C.A.Gunawardena
    3. Mr. B.G.S.J.Abeyratne
    4. Ms. L.I. Siriwardana
    5. Mr. H.M.V.B.Herath
    6. Mr. M.H.V. Pushpakumara
    7. Mr. L.G.A.U. Senaratne
    8. Mr. A.K. Weerasinghe
    9. <
    Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
    1. Ms. W.R.Jayaweera
    2. Mr. N.A.N.D.Perera
    3. Mr. T.P.M.S.D. Bandara
    4. Mr. K.M.Karunajeewa
    5. Mr. T.M.I.P.K. Bandara
    6. Mr. W.M.N.N.Weerasinghe
    7. Mr. R.M.P. Ratnayake
    8. Mr. H.H.M.W.K. Medagoda
    Department of Veterinary Public Health & Pharmacology
    1. Mr. A.R.C.Gunasena
    2. Ms. F.S. Nizam
    3. Mr. M.A.N.Perera
    4. Mr. R.D.C.K. Kirimetiwatta
    Department of Farm Animal Production & Health
    1. Ms. T.A.D.N.Talpearachchi
    2. Mr. H.A.I.J. Hettearachchi
    3. Mr. S. Kumara
    4. Ms. M. Siriyalatha
    Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
    1. Ms. M.R.C.K.Mallawa
    2. Ms. V.P.P.Jayapani
    3. Mr. K.Y.G.R.D. Attanayake
    4. Ms. D.L.R.A.K. Senarath Bandra
    5. Ms. A.H.M.W.S.Abeyratne
    6. Mr. D.M.M. Dhanasekera
    7. Mr. S.M.M.S. Senadheera
    8. Ms. M.T. Pushpakumari
    9. Mr. W.R.Ranasinghe
    10. Mr. P.A.Nandanathilake
    11. Mr. W.M.R.P.Kumara
    12. Ms. W.M. Anula Kumari
    13. Ms. L.K. Ashoka